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Welcome to my new site. Fear not, I'm not moving away from my psychotherapy roots but I felt it was a good time to start highlighting a niche part of my practice and my area of specialist interest that I felt so passionate about, it deserved as website dedicated to it. This site is all about how I help those that work within the helping professions by bridging the gap between their professional and personal self-care needs.

Over the 20+ years of working in the helping professions I have noticed increased levels of stress. Professional stress: high caseloads, clients presenting increasing complex needs and issues, limited resources, burnout and compassion fatigue. Personal stress: the impact of working with traumatic issues, increased need to address own mental health, and stress related ill-health needs. I find that most professionals try to separate the two "I leave my work at the door" or "I come to work for a break", but I don't believe it's as easy as that! I offer a wide range of helping organisations regular self-care consultancy and I have found a growing need in my work to encourage practitioners to take an honest look at their areas of both professional and personal stress. I work with them to actively address meeting both their emotional and practical needs of how to manage their professional and personal self-care assertively.

So, welcome to "check up from the neck up". I look forward to helping you, help yourself so that you can help others.

From Michelle, the helping professional for the helping professions.

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