Michelle Seabrook

Resilience and mental 'wealth' consultancy

for professionals.

Bridging the gap between 

your professional and personal wellbeing.

Who I am

A helping professional

for professionals.

Having worked within the helping professions since late 1990's, I use my experience, insight and professional therapeutic training to offer tailor-made support to optimise your well-being.


I know first-hand, the importance of bridging the gap between our professional and personal 'selves' and addressing overall self-care so that your 'wellness' is prioritised. I provide self-care consultancy for individual and organisationals as well as post trauma support.


What I do


Focussed and assertive wellness solutions


Working in the helping professions is unique, challenging and rewarding. 

Our aim is to help others, but who helps us?


The problem:

Often practitioners are working in stressful environments with challenging issues, strained resources and with minimal time to reflect on their overall wellbeing.


Supervision at work is usually focussed on organisational targets, with little attention given to personal factors that may be impacting on work.


Many practitioners 'keep going' until they burnout, experience symptoms of vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue, with some having to be 'signed off' work for stress related issues, only to return and repeat the process again. Others have issues in the personal life that are not being addressed and are impacting negatively on their professional role all, they too 'keep going' until they hit crisis.

You may be working in an environment or workplace culture that does not place the wellbeing of practitioners as a priority. 

It is the combination of this factors that is so potent and potentially disruptive.


The solution: 

My philosophy is that prevention is key and by putting your wellbeing at the heart of what you do, both your professional and personal life will benefit. 


I provide the helping professions with a reflective space, strategies and techniques to help optimise their professional and personal wellbeing. I provide the workplace interventions that promote a 'healthy' culture that is embedded in the fabric or the organisation.

I use a combination of skills and experience to work with you and/or the organisation to determine well-being needs, motivation, relationship patterns, overall health and develop protective factors to increase and maintain professional resilience and personal wellbeing.

Your 'check up from the neck up'

  • Discreet appointments

  • In person or online

  • Focused on maximising your overall mental 'wealth'

  • Including post-trauma support

Organisational Support
  • I come to you (in-house)

  • Within work time

  • Bespoke packages

  • Demonstrates a commitment to promoting practitioner resiliency and self-care

  • including critical incident de-briefing and post-trauma support

Workshops and Training
  • On-site events for in-house CPD

  • Open events for broad range of helping professions

  • Focus on recognising and addressing factors that impact on professional and personal wellness.

I work with.....
Social Work

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